Extraordinary opportunities for exceptional students

A Community of Scholars

Imagine yourself in a small community of scholars who share an interest in a broad liberal arts education, work together outside the classroom, and share a desire to stretch their intellect and curiosity. Picture yourself in a learning environment that fosters an interdisciplinary perspective and prepares you for a position of leadership tomorrow.

The Honors College at Stony Brook is such a program.

With a distinguished faculty, a wide range of academic choices, and the resources of a great research university, Stony Brook’s Honors College is the ideal place for students from diverse backgrounds to forge common interests and make a lasting impact on their communities.

The Honors College is unusual among such programs in that it has a special curriculum for honors students only. Small and highly selective, this seminar-based program enrolls only about 60 of the 2,700 freshmen entering the University each year. And its students experience the individual attention and benefits typically found only in small liberal arts colleges while having access to the vast range of academic opportunities available only at a major research university.